When we were Vikings, we lived in perfect harmony with nature and held a deep respect for the delicate balance of the eco-system that allowed us to survive and prosper.

Today, we still feel the power of our heritage as we explore the wild and pristine nature to harvest unique and powerful ingredients for your skin. It is from this legacy on which we were founded, underpinning our unwavering quest to be the driving force in the skin care industries green shift.

We firmly reject the brutal industrial harvesting methods that tear up the earth in favour of a gentler collection process – we only take what we need and only what can grow back, allowing the environment to flourish.

All our ingredients are sourced from natural and sustainable substances – found in plants and algae in the worlds most untouched landscapes and oceans – which are green alternatives to petroleum based ingredients, which often have negative impacts on human health, skin and the environment.

Many of our ingredients are handpicked to minimise the impact on nature

The industry normally adds minimal active ingredients regardless of whether they are natural or chemical. Our collection contains up to ten times more active ingredients than industry standards, entirely natural. 

Using the latest advances of science and technology, we derive the maximum benefits of these natural ingredients to delicately extract their powerful components without damaging the bio-rich, anti-oxidate qualities that infuse our collection with its rejuvenating effects.

All our packaging has been chosen with the environment up front and center and we work closely with all our suppliers to reduce our environmental impact to increase our competitive edge as a green company. 

Mother nature has given us so much and we are determined to redress the balance of her generosity by constantly working to reduce our environmental footprint with more effective production processes, and continuing to remove conservatives from our collection.

We cheer for all those who are actively fighting for the health of this planet. 

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