When we were vikings, we lived in close harmony with nature and the Norse gods. – Today, we still feel the power of our heritage as we explore the wild and pristine nature to harvest unique and powerful ingredients for your skin.

Seidr Clinique is a skincare brand with a strong Nordic heritage

Our approach to skincare is strictly scientific while our transformative ingredients are sourced from the most pristine and unique Nordic nature. While many brands in the market use chemical ingredients that harm your skin over time, our products are pure, natural and extremely effective. 

The positive results of ingredients from nature are as old as time, but do you know exactly how much of those ingredients are used in skincare products claiming to be natural? 

The industry normally adds 2 to 5% of active ingredients regardless of whether they are natural or chemical. Seidr’s collection contains up to ten times more active ingredients than industry standard, entirely natural. 

Every woman is unique. That is why our essential collection is designed for all skin types, allowing you to offer the glowing vitality of Nordic nature to your customers skin

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We innovate the skincare industry with powerful brands using sustainable, natural ingredients, meeting the growing demand of the modern consumer.

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Sustainable skincare

Pristine nature is the powerful ingredient in our entire skincare collection. We are constantly reducing our own environmental footprint, and we cheer for all the strong women who are actively fighting for the health of this planet.

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