ABT Family

Aqua Bio Technology (ABT) is a driving force in the skin care industry’s green shift.

ABT develops new active ingredients for skin care, meeting an increasing demand from the cosmetics industry. All our ingredients are based on natural and sustainable substances, found in plants and algae in the most bio-rich landscapes and oceans. They are sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based ingredients, which often have negative impacts on human health and the environment.

ABT markets and distributes natural and groundbreaking skin care products to consumers, retailers and professionals in Europe and the Middle East.

Natural and Certified

If it’s not found in nature, it will not be found in our products. Our all natural and certified organic ingredients have a high impact on your skin, but a low impact on the environment. Unique formulations help us achieve up to 96 % active ingredients in our products. Wild and extreme conditions yield naturally potent ingredients. To provide effective care for all your skin needs, B Natural contains a unique selection of such ingredients, many of them only to be found in New Zealand.

True Nordic Nature

Every woman is unique. That is why our essential collection is designed for all skin types, bringing the glowing vitality of Nordic nature to your skin, making you a force of nature.

A Force of Nature

An essential collection with transformative ingredients, sourced from the most pristine and unique Nordic nature. Clinically tested with proven effects, bringing the glowing vitality of Nordic nature to your skin.

Reinventing Skincare

The Moana skin care range of products has up to 95% active ingredients combined that have been carefully selected to offer the highest levels of amino acids, minerals and vitamins to promote skin rejuvenation, unprecedented moisturisation leaving your skin supple, radiant and younger-looking.

A Force of Nature

Discover the secrets of our essential ingredients with transformative powers, cultivated by timeless nature.

Botanical Collection