Know what you wear on your skin. Know what impact it has on you and the environment. We are all better off with natural products, free of chemicals.

Our idea

If it’s not found in nature, it will not be found in our products. Our all natural and certified organic ingredients have a high impact on your skin, but a low impact on the environment. Unique formulations help us achieve up to 96 % active ingredients in our products. 

Wild and extreme conditions yield naturally potent ingredients. To provide effective care for all your skin needs, B Natural contains a unique selection of such ingredients, many of them only to be found in New Zealand.  

Up to 96% active ingredients

B Natural has between 70 – 96 % active ingredients. Traditional skin care is not even close to numbers like this. The main reason is that traditional skin care contains a large amount of water. They are made by mixing oil and watersoluble ingredients into an emulsion, and then adding low percentages of active ingredients. B Natural has turned this process upside down. We use the natural ingredients as they are and stabilize the mixture with the unique Glycoplus® from red seaweed extract. Red seaweed extract is in itself an active ingredient. By using this as a base, we achieve a unique high proportion of active ingredients and keep B Natural free of synthetic ingredients.

 “Expect more from your skin care products. Our products contain up to 96 % active ingredients. We aim to fix things, not just cover up the symptoms.”


Glycoplus® is the key

B Natural’s red algae extract, Glycoplus®, is a revolution in skin care. Our own unique ingredient plays a key role in most of our products. It allows us to replace synthetic emulsifiers and viscosity modifiers found in traditional skincare with this natural ingredient. The marine polyglucans in Glycoplus® are known for their high absorption capacity. Extensive research shows that nutrients in Glycoplus® can penetrate deep into the skin. Red seaweed contains superoxide dismutase enzymes, molecules that support the skin’s defenses against the free radicals. It improves the quality of the skin barrier by increasing the skin’s nutrient reservoirs and promoting a great result on the skin.

“B Comfortable – Choose natural ingredients that stimulates your skin’s ability to help itself. The result is stronger and healthier skin. You can feel the difference”

B Safe. No worries. Our products are gentle and have soothing qualities. Even sensitive and allergy-prone skin types are safe with us.

B Intuitive

Our products are color-coded, guiding you through the steps of your daily skin regimen. Start off light and finish dark, it’s that easy. 

B Natural

Choose natural ingredients that stimulates your skin’s ability to help itself. The result is stronger and healthier skin. You can feel the difference.


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Sustainable skincare

Pristine nature is the powerful ingredient in our entire skincare collection. We are constantly reducing our own environmental footprint, and we cheer for all the strong women who are actively fighting for the health of this planet.

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