New Zealand’s black ferns have unique soothing qualities. It is also known to have a role in the skin’s moisture balance, giving your skin a rejuvenated look and feel.


Harakeke is a plant with many uses. It was traditionally the most important plant fiber and New Zealand’s biggest export. It had many traditional medicinal uses and was also renowned for its soothing properties. Harakeke extract is considered a super hydrant with strong soothing qualities.

Manuka honey

Manuka honey, produced from the flowers of the Manuka tree, contributes to increased and long-lasting moisturization of the skin. These effects are important in your skin’s ability to combat the signs of aging.

Choose natural ingredients that stimulates your skin’s ability to help itself. The result is stronger and healthier skin. You can feel the difference.


The actives from Kowhai, a New Zealand plant, contributes to your skin’s exfoliation processes. It also has properties that support the skin barrier function while retaining moisture in the skin. Important functions to have a younger-looking and healthy skin.

Kawakawa oil

The Maori discovered the unique properties of this New Zealand-native fern and called it the “pharmacy of the forest” due to its multi-purpose effects. In B Natural we take advantage of its soothing and moisturizing effects originating from the leaves of this fern. These properties have been shown to combat the signs of aging and enhance the skin’s natural glow texture.