Skin care at the office or Home office

We all struggle with dry skin from time to time, but especially if you work in an office environment or at home. Spending large parts of the day in front of a screen can quickly cause your skin to become unbalanced.

To keep the skin in perfect balance throughout the day, we have listed some of our favorite treatments that are smart and easy to use, both for when you are working at home and to take with you to the office.

Boost with mist

When the skin tightens and feels dry, spraying a hydration mist over your face is an incredible feeling. It provides a refreshing effect with hydration and can also be sprayed over make-up to renew your glow.

Mists with ingredients like Birch juice and extract, or caffeine that speeds up the microcirculation, are ideal. Or you could try a Mist that soothes the skin and spreads that luxurious and relaxing smell of Lavender.

Refresh the skin

Take a break from your busy schedule and apply an eye mask. If you don´t have your own eye mask, you can apply eye cream under the eye in a thick layer and cover the eye with a damp cotton pad.

Preferably use an eye cream that contains Peptides (to reduce fine lines and wrinkles), or the wonderful Alaria esculante with its super anti-aging effect. Or how about Hyalaron acid to replenish the skin with lots of hydration! Experience that fresh, clear feeling around your eye area. Store the cream in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect.

Tips for dry lips & hands

Make sure to not forget hands and lips that are extra exposed due to the skin being thinner that have a harder time holding on to moisture-binding components.

Peel your hands once a week with a peeling cream containing either Walnut or Glycolic acid. A good Body lotion is also a “must have product”, especially with shea butter, to give quick and deep relief to dry hands.

Inspiring women

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