We are changing the skin care industry for good, with sustainable solutions that actively nurture the health of skin and the planet.

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Aqua Bio Technology

Through science and technology, we uncover new and powerful natural ingredients that innovate and disrupt the skincare industry, enabling the creation of more effective and sustainable beauty products for all.

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We innovate the skincare industry with powerful brands using sustainable, natural ingredients, meeting the growing demand of the modern consumer.

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Wild and extreme conditions yield naturally potent ingredients. Our unique formulations contain up to 96% active, certified organic ingredients, with proven results for your skin and a low impact on the environment.

Every woman is unique. That is why our essential collection is designed for all skin types, bringing the glowing vitality of Nordic nature to your skin, making you a force of nature.

Certified organic cosmeceutical product line with premium ingredients. Our most precious extract – Glycoplus® – comes from endemic red seaweed which is rich in glycans, anti-oxidants, naturally occurring peptides, vitamins and minerals.

An essential collection with transformative ingredients, sourced from the most pristine and unique Nordic nature. Clinically tested with proven effects, bringing the glowing vitality of Nordic nature to your skin.

A Force of Nature

Discover the secrets of our essential ingredients with transformative powers, cultivated by timeless nature.

Botanical Collection

Every woman is unique – and so is your skin

Explore exactly what your skins needs to give it the glowing vitality of Nordic nature.

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Sustainable skincare

Pristine nature is the powerful ingredient in our entire skincare collection. We are constantly reducing our own environmental footprint, and we cheer for all the strong women who are actively fighting for the health of this planet.

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B Natural

Choose natural ingredients that stimulates your skin’s ability to help itself. The result is stronger and healthier skin. You can feel the difference.